Poesia is an American graffiti artist, who has been painting in public for more than 25 years and is considered one of the pioneering practitioners of abstract graffiti art. The West Coast writer was born in 1975 and is currently based in San Francisco, California, USA.


Poesia is part of the Graffuturism Movement, founded in 2010. The Graffuturist group consists of some of today's top contemporary graffiti artists and was featured as #5 on the list of 'The 25 most important artists of 2012' by Complex magazine, a popular New York-based lifestyle and scene magazine.


Since he is not a formerly trained artist, Poesia was introduced to art through graffiti and the 'do- it-yourself' attitude of spray painting in the streets. The artist incorporates this into his studio works, in which graffiti remains a prominent key inspiration and visible influence of his artwork. Poesia is conscious of graffiti as a written language which many people do not understand. For example, style writing will sometimes appear as a secret language and is more abstract to the 'normal' spectator than any other art form. Through a figurative part, Poesia tries to make his compositions more approachable and pushs forward the evolution of graffiti to art. Besides using new materials and techniques in the tradition of the Futurists and Abstract Expressionists, Poesia produces his own graffiti-esque interpretation of iconic historical masterpieces and also creates multiple series of works which range from insitu installations and collages, gestural and geometric abstract studies, and paintings.


Poesias artwork can be seen internationally in many exhibitions, group and solo shows, or art fairs. The artist has also traveled around the world and left his mark on the walls of numerous cities, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.


In 2010 Poesia launched his website Graffuturism.com. - one of the best blogs for innovative work by graffiti writers. 


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