Augustine Kofie

Augustine Kofie was born in 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA and is a contemporary street and mixed media artist.


Kofie lives and works in L.A. and as primarily self-taught. He started his career in the 1990’s by spraying wildstyle pieces in the streets of West Los Angeles. The artist, who is also known as „Kofie One“, developed his skills and technical foundation from his graffiti painting background and has moved on to different media and styles: „I feel like Graff gave me a voice and I’ve contributed to this art form now I have to contribute further and test my styles as well as change my own mindset and preconceived ideas of what this art form is as much as where it’s going.”


Kofie's oeuvre comprises paintings on canvas or wood, collages, assemblages, or works on rather unusual media such as clipboards. His style can be described as retro-futuristic and constructivist-abstract. Clean detailed lines and geometrical structures in the artist's work lead to associations with a multi-layered architectural floor plan. Mechanic and dynamic line work as well as graphical forms dominate the complex composition: squares, circles, and triangles overlap, collide, and interact. Warm earth-tones and pastel shades contrast with black lines and dark coloured shapes. Author and curator, Rafael Schacter, stated regarding Augustine Kofie's work:


„Merging his traditional graffiti education, his inclination toward 'certain colour forms and certain application techniques', with his deep love of illustration and preliminary design, his fondness for 'drafts, architectural renderings, and pre- production concepts', Kofie plays with form and line, with balance and depth, twisting and manipulating his murals, his illustrations, and his compositions into ever new dramatic arrangements.“


Kofie finds inspiration in modern architecture, graffiti lettering, and Jazz music. He refers in his works to several art historical styles; such as: Futurism and especially Futurist Architecture but also Pop Art and Constructivism. Similar to Pop Artist Robert Rauschenberg, Kofie paints on collages, which he creates out of ephemeral produced and yellowed paper with imagery from the 1960’s. In his assemblages, the artist incorporates several found items: for example, harvested wood or vintage bits and pieces. Kofie's language of form and colour can also be compared with early abstract works of László Moholy-Nagy, a constructivist painter and professor at the Bauhaus.


In 2014, Kofie painted a vibrant mural at POW! WOW! an annual street art festival in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Kofie has been featured in numerous magazines and relevant online media such as Juxtapoz, VeryNearlyAlmost, Arrested Motion and Graffuturism. His work has been exhibited in cultural centers such as London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.


„Augustine Kofie – Mixing yesterdays vintage and ephemeral aesthetics with tomorrows vision.“ Graffuturism 


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