Jean Faucheur

Jean Faucheur was born in 1956, in Versailles, France and is a pioneer of street art.

In addition to his public art, Faucheur works with various mediums such as sculpture, photography and painting.
Even though the artist had more of a classical education at the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Jean Faucheur is nontheless one of the first artists in France, who left the studio, to put his art out in the street. In the 80´s Faucheur participated in urban interventions, the so called „Médias Peintres“.
Since 1983  Faucheur realised different interventions and spectacular performances in Paris, where he pasted advertising boards with large sheets of painted paper.
In the following years the artist went overseas for a couple of years: Faucheur spent two
years in New York and Tokyo and co-founded the artist group „Les Frères Ripoulin“.
In 1985, Faucheur took part in a group show at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. A New Yorker gallery, which also presented artists as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Futura 2000 or Jean-Michel Basqiuat at that time.
In the same year, Faucheur was presented with the Villa Medici's award „Hors les murs“ in New York.
During the 80´s, the artist curated wild exhibitions in the Parisian subway and co-founded the J.M. Patras Gallery in Paris.


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